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Sea Animals, Mermaid and Shells, Under the Sea, Fabric Wall Stickers

Sea Animals, Mermaid and Shells, Under the Sea, Fabric Wall Stickers

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With a more 'Pink' feel, our Sea Animals with Mermaid and Shells Wall Decal Set has been created for your little ocean lovers.
Fill your walls with beautiful handprinted sea animals and create a magical underwater oasis right in your very own room. 

Material: Colour printed on a premium self-adhesive fabric paper, our decals are eco-friendly and do not leave any sticky residue on your walls. Hooray!

Application: Just peel and stick - The poster is easily removed from the backing paper and placed on the wall. No need to worry about hooks and framing, and if you want to move it you can! 

Blue Whale:
37.5 x 24.8cm
Killer Whale:
28 x 14.3 cm
Minke Whale:
31.3 x 12.8
Sperm Whale: 
28.5 x 10.8cm
18.5 x 8.3cm
14 x 14cm
Fish x2:
12.5 x 7.2cm
Fish x2:
9.8 x 6cm
Shell x3: 6 x 8cm
Crab x2:
11 x 10cm
Starfish x2:
12 x 12cm
Octopus: 14 x 11cm
Seaweed x5: 7 x 7cm
Orange Coral x3: 10cm x 14cm
49cm x 25cm
30cm x 20cm
Assorted Shells 13x:
7cm - 20cm

When will I get my Decal? Please allow 1-2 working days for us to ship your item. Postage times vary depending on your location.

Enjoy this educational and stylish piece in your child's bedroom, in the classroom at school or in your home reading nook.

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