Logo Design

Your logo is one of the most important visual components of your brand. The design of your logo is what will set the tone for your business and in turn attract a certain audience. We want to help you attract the right audience just for you. A Creative Hart is here to help you with your business colour palette, typography and structure. It needs to reflect your personality and values you want to send to potential clients.

Branding Collateral

Everything that supports your brand. Business Cards, Stationery, Letterheads, Envelopes, Flyers, Brochures ( Digital and Print ), Posters, POS advertising, Branded Powerpoint, Signage. All media that is used to promote your brand and support the sales and marketing of your business. 

Signage Solutions

Banners, Flags, Shop Front Signs, A-Frames, Decals, Window Graphics. Large or small format solutions.

Printing Solutions

A Creative Hart has a wide knowledge of printing finishes and stock options to choose from. We can also offer our clients with eco-friendly alternatives for their branding needs, whether it be paper choices, print finishes or even ways your business can assist with minimising environmental impact.

ECO Branding - NEW!

With minimising environmental impact on everyones mind, we offer eco-friendly alternatives for your branding needs, whether it be paper choices, print finishes or even ways you can limit the use of ink. 

Ecological and economical brand design. Sustainability is a current issue in our modern world and it needs to be in branding as well. We rethink the brand mix and ingredients for your business to ensure your brand reflects your visual and environmental values. 

Website Design

In need of a clean, organised and good-looking website that you can update yourself? A Creative Hart can design websites for you on Wordpress, Shopify, Wix and Squarespace that are search engine optimised and ready to drive traffic.

Social Media Strategies

Social Media Branded Graphics, Colour Schemes, Post Templates, Banner advertising, Facebook Advertising, Instagram Story Templates, Branded Story Highlights and post scheduling techniques.

Email Marketing

We can assist you with Email Marketing and teach you how to send out your very own branded campaigns to your client base. We specialise in Mailchimp EDM template design, train you how to create your emails and how to segregate your email lists to target particular clients based on their needs and website interactions.


After something else? Perhaps wedding invitations, online advertising or promotional material? Drop us an email as we'd be more than happy to help.