Removing your Decals & Murals - Moving House - Rentals - A Creative Hart

How to Remove your Fabric Wall Decals + Murals

  • Start at the top left corner and peel it from the wall.
  • Work your way down the wall
  • For murals, ensure you have two people.

Transporting your Wall Decals + Murals

  • Have some Baking Paper at the ready! You can purchase a roll at Coles, Woolworths and Aldi in the baking section.
  • Roll out the needed length of baking paper.
  • Place your decals onto the baking paper and roll up into a tube for transportation.
  • For murals, you will need two long stretches of baking paper next to each other. Lay these out on the floor - preferably NOT on carpet if you can.
    Have one person on either end of the mural and lay onto the baking paper.
  • Roll up into a tube for transportation to your new home or office.