Installing your Decals & Murals - A Creative Hart Fabric Wall Decals

Wall Preparation
  • Our Fabric Wall Decals are suitable for smooth flat surfaces. 
  • If you are installing your decals onto a painted wall please ensure that the wall doesn't have any prior damage.
  • A two coat paint systems is standard for interior walls and is perfectly suitable for our decals. One of the best things about our Fabric Wall Decals is that you will not need to worry about removing paint when re-positioning our decals. They are 100% safe for your walls.
  • If the walls you are placing your decals onto have been freshly painted, please let the paint to properly dry before applying them to your walls. We recommend allowing 1 full week after painting to then apply your decals.
  • You must ensure the wall surface is clean, dry and does not have any dust or fibres on it.
  • It is a good idea to clean the wall surface before application. Do not use chemicals. Ensure you clean the wall surface with a warm cloth or mico-fibre towel. 
  • Our Fabric Decals are not suitable for BRICK or RENDER.
  • Our Wall Decals CAN be applied to Wooden Wall Panels. Please note that the groove in the timber will show through if pressed into.
    See image below
Tips for applying our Wall Decals
  • Mark out the desired placement of your decals using blu-tac or painter tape. It depends on your decal, but roughly 40cm spacing looks great on a standard 2.7m high wall. 
  • Peel your decal off the backing paper and smooth onto your wall moving from one side to the other.
  • If a ripple or bubble appears, simply peel back off the wall and re-smooth on.
Tips for applying our Wall Murals
  • We recommend two people are needed to install our Murals.
  • Mark out the preferred placement for your mural using blue tac or painters tape.
  • Start at the top left corner of the mural and work your way down. Peel the backing away (roughly 10cm) and stick the mural panel to the wall.

  • Using a bank car, ruler or wallpaper smoother ( Under $5 from Bunnings ) smooth the mural in a downwards motion to ensure no bubbles.

  • If a ripple or bubble appears, simply peel back off the wall and re-smooth on.