What are my Decals made of?

A Creative Hart decals are made from a self-adhesive polyester fabric material. Our decals have a water based adhesive which means they have no pvc’s, are bio degradable and are eco-friendly. 

How do I apply my Fabric Wall Decal?

Our Fabric Wall Decals are super easy to apply. Simply PEEL & STICK.
TIP: Start with the top edge of your decal, and peel back a small part of the backing paper revealing the sticky adhesive as you go. Position the decal where you want it to go and press the exposed section of decal to your wall. Continue to peel the backing paper and smooth out your decal onto the wall.

Reusable? How many times can I move my decal?

Our Fabric Decals can be installed on any flat surface and their water based adhesive allows them to be removed and reused many times over so no need to throw them out when your little one pulls them off the wall... Hooray!

Will my decal loose its 'sticky'?

Our Decals are reusable and can be moved about hundreds of time. If the adhesive comes in contact with lots of dirt, dust and fibres, it will gradually lose its tac and may not stick as well. As with all products, wear and tear does occur after time, however if you keep them clean our decals should last a long time.

Will my Decals damage my wall?

Definitely not! They will not harm surfaces. We do however hope you are mindful when it comes to fresh paint. We would recommend waiting two weeks until you stick decals on it. Please be mindful that our stickers will peel off bubbling or peeling paint. If unsure or worried try putting up a sample for a couple of weeks before applying the full scene. DO NOT use can chemicals or cleaning products on your decals, it will damage them. This also includes chemicals on your walls that the stickers will be stuck to. Certain paint finishes will not guarantee adhesion. (ie. oil based paints and heavily textured walls.)
Just because you are renting doesn't mean you can't do any home DIY, it means you have to do clever DIY.

Where are my Decals made?

Our decals are designed by A Creative Hart and printed in-house on the NSW Mid North Coast, Australia.