2020. Finding a Balance

2020. Finding a Balance

A New Year often gets people reflecting on the past 12 months and thinking about what new goals you want to achieve, what challenges you want to overcome, areas you want to improve on and future growth opportunities.

As we see out the last hours of 2019, I have been really thinking about things that make me say ‘I really want to improve on that’.

I know for most business owners, this comes up often in our heads and if you’re like me, it’s often pushed aside so other important tasks and deadlines can get done first. So, here are a few things I intend to start getting better at for 2020 and beyond.

  1. Being consistent online – I often forget to post online because I am wrapped up in the day to day of building a business and #mumlife. I really try to minimise my phone use when my kids are around me as I like to be ‘present’ with them as much as possible. But I want to get better at being more social ‘online’ and building, learning from and engaging with other like-minded creatives via the social channels.
  2. Discipline – I have a tendency to take too much on and I often forget that if I just ask, people are always willing to help. Being a ‘yes man’ is great, I love being able to sink my teeth into work and new opportunities, however with two young kids who come first, my time and attention to each task needs to be 100%. I want to give my clients the highest level of treatment, care and dedication to transforming their brand. If I can’t give my clients 100% - then I shouldn’t be doing it. Harsh, but If you can’t be honest about real time expectations then clients can’t trust you with their brand.
  3. Launch new website  We have been busy building our new look website ready for the new year. The new website will have more educational designs, more of my own hand-drawn watercolour decals for kids rooms and also a section dedicated to graphic design and my new eco-branding package, which I am so excited to launch. Keep an eye on our feed for more.
  4. Balance – With two young kids under 3, the biggest focus in my personal life right now is finding a balance for me being a mum, being an attentive loving partner, being a working mum, an organised mum, a graphic designer, a good friend, daughter, exercising more, teaching my kids, drinking enough water, planning our wedding - or next getaway, learning, reading more books, watering my plants, playing with my dog and finding that time to do something that doesn’t involve kids, work or cleaning. Yep, you’re right in the thick of it all like me? I hear ya and I salute you!
  5. Time management  Always on my list to improve on Every. Single. Year.
    Time, honestly where does it go? If only we could fit more in our days, sleep less (or more) and hit pause sometimes. Life really does go too fast. This year I plan to sit down more to plan, write lists and set myself a time limit for each task and stick to it like glue.

What are your goals for 2020? I’d love to hear them whether they are for business or personal growth. Can you relate to some of ours?

Above all, we hope the new year brings health and happiness to you all.

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